Is a Training Company Created for Unusual Consumers — for You

I work in several fields and try to constantly develop, following my favourite Frank Zappa quote and a motto of mine: A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open. OPEN MIND is the sum of my complex work experiences, all of which I make use of, taking advantage of the knowledge, skills and experience I’ve gained. I offer:



  • From group to team — diagnosis, team building, communication, group roles;
  • Creative thinking, part 1 — what it means to “think creatively”, how to develop creative thinking and why — game, exercises;
  • Creative thinking, part 2 — applying creative thinking at work (inspiring and developing ideas, organising activities, relations, “something from nothing”);
  • Mind Mapping as a tool useful e.g. in brand management, creating strategies, SWOT analysis etc. — the rules of taking notes using Mind Mapping, the impact of creative thinking on work effectiveness, supporting public speaking, improving activities, organising your thoughts;
  • Brand management — the flow of the process, game, exercises;
  • Leading styles and how they affect the team and the institution;
  • Conflict within the team — from diagnosis to solutions;
  • How to effect change and have people follow you?
  • Managing yourself in time;
  • Ambient media (non-standard marketing implementations) in promoting the institution, including planning an ambient campaign step by step;
  • Oxford-style debating — a tool for discussion, a lesson of respect, a way of thinking about reality. Carrying out a debate step by step;
  • Building self-worth;
  • Public speaking;
  • Journalism workshops;
  • Basics of interior decoration — what goes together and why?, the living space as a mirror of our interior, playing with colours, journey across styles and movements;
  • An elegant step into adulthood — savoir vivre workshops.

The price of each training is set on an individual basis, as it depends on many factors — attendance, location, topic, length, the number of ordered trainings (discounts available!) etc. I prefer groups of 6–22 people, length — 6–8 hours; I provide necessary items and materials for all attendees.



Another field where I’m active is cultural heritage, educational and cultural tourism, cultural education. I carry out these meetings at the estate in Kwiatonowice, including as studio visits, because I need my own non-moveable resources for them. I organise the studio visits comprehensively, if necessary with room and board, as well as a programme centred around the topic of “Galicia — Modern Forms of Heritage”, which extends outside of Kwiatonowice. In Kwiatonowice I offer thematic tours, lectures, presentations, as well as workshops, games, quests, happenings. The topics are focused on my collections, which inspire the meetings:

  • The cultural role of estates in Poland’s history, with particular focus on Galicia;
  • The estate as an architectural object — building according to the practice known in Poland as geomancy, and in other cultures for example feng shui;
  • Literary and travel workshops, inspired by Lina Bögli, a Swiss governess at the estate, later a traveller and writer, one of the most interesting European women from the turn of the 20th century;
  • The history of the book and the ex libris — utilising our collections;
  • Poland’s road to independence — utilising books, documents, legionary collection;
  • Aroma and flavour workshops: botanical, cosmetic, culinary etc. — utilising the garden (seasonal);
  • The value of family tradition, genealogical games — utilising family photographs as inspiration;
  • The myths of Galicia — utilising patriotic memorabilia related to “old Austria” and Poland’s placement in this historical and cultural context.

The prices of visits and workshops are set on an individual basis, as they depend on many factors — attendance, length of visit (up to 2 days), chosen topics, time. I prefer groups of 5–12 people; I provide necessary items and materials for all attendees.



In May 2016 the estate was one of the objects on the trail of the 18th Lesser Poland Days of Cultural Heritage, and in September 2015 my husband and I were awarded the national prize “Guardian of the Republic’s Heritage” Custos Monumentorum Rei Publicae by the Senate, which we consider an obligation. Since 2011 we’ve participated in the garden festival “Święto Ogrodów”, offering a variety of cultural events within the space of the estate garden. The estate itself is occasionally available to visitors, always after a prior call, as it is not a museum, but rather a home that follows its daily routine.

The price of a thematic tour of the estate and the garden — 15 PLN, children up to 7 years old — free. We welcome individuals and groups of up to 12 people.


THE CHARM OF THE BELLE EPOQUE. Small Fashion Accessories of the Fin de Siècle — Including a Lecture and Honey Workshops

I offer a presentation of a spectacular and unique collection, accompanied by a lecture during the opening and honey workshops (optional). The exhibition includes, among other things:

  • elements of historical outfits;
  • paraphernalia from the past, often forgotten, such as moustache brushes, pins and feathers for hats and hair, tobacco boxes, glove forms, dance cards, photographs, cosmetic accessories, lace, haberdashery, hat boxes and hundreds of other items;
  • prints from 19th century fashion catalogues;
  • books on the history of dress.

The price of the exhibition is set on an individual basis, as it depends on many factors — location, length (preferred: 4 weeks), possibilities of arrangement, number of workshops etc.