Publishing House

We plan to publish short-run books for bibliophiles connected to the estate, the village and the region. Living in Kwiatonowice is an endless source of inspiration. Among the items we’ve collected and the surrounding sounds and smells we feel comfortable, at home. I could tell a story about each item, and each of them has recorded the lives of its former owners and the artisans or artists who created it. I’m collecting these stories into a book, which we will publish in 2019. Our house is like a Greek vase that was put back together from the tiniest shards. And like this vase, it has blank spots — mysteries that we can never uncover despite our attempts. Together with our bibliophile friends, we will publish two more booklets in 2018 — mine, about the Kwiatonowice estate’s secrets, and my husband’s — archive records about the village and the estate.

Perhaps the charm of this place, which enchants all visitors, comes from this spot of mystery, this “other side of the mirror”, where anyone can find their own world. We only show you where to look, because… The roads that lead there — are not made easy, / In storms of space and temporal tempests, / But somewhere there still exists Sarmatia, / Somewhere there is Terra Felix (Jacek Kaczmarski).