Offer and Pricing

Welcome to the Slow World, Welcome to the Happy Land!

In 2000, when we moved to Kwiatonowice, Slowness entered our lives and changed them for the better. We would like to invite you into this world. You will be able to listen to your needs, appreciate the charm of Slowness, gain extraordinary and rare skills.

We host holidays for the spirit, vacations in style, during which we offer cleansing for the body and the spirit, regeneration for the soul. No Internet, no phones, no media.

Depending on the season we offer:

  • leisurely botanical workshops (i.e. of aromas and flavours);
  • culinary workshops — the cuisine of gentry and peasants, with numerous season-appropriate historical recipes that use local products;
  • workshops for dying skills — traditional jam frying and liqueur making, handiwork, calligraphy;
  • workshops for interior decorating according to the personality and to feng shui;
  • journeys to the world of fin de siècle and its charming fashion;
  • parlour games;
  • etiquette school;
  • vivid meetings with history, allowing for writing about collections;
  • evenings of communal reading and of telling and writing stories, intimate concerts.

We will help you discover the history of this place and its people, tell you about Lina Bögli, her travels and books. About the Kwiatonowice estate’s connection to the Tetmajer family, about its distant and recent history.

In 2017 our Guests can use the triple room with a bathroom in the attic of the western wing. We call it the ASH ROOM, having decorated it with old ash wood furniture from the 1920s, made by a Kwiatonowice artist-carpenter.

We decide the prices on an individual basis, depending on the choice of activities. Accommodation, without board or workshops, is 65 PLN per person per day.

In the following season we hope to allow our Guests to use the estate’s eastern wing, which includes two stylish two-person rooms with bathrooms on the ground floor — the double BLUE ROOM and the twin GREEN ROOM.

The common area of the eastern wing will be a musical parlour and a dining room with a kitchenette.

We will soon start a crowdfunding campaign to gather funds for finishing work on the eastern wing — please visit the Booking subpage.