Święto Ogrodów 2017

Festiwal Święto Ogrodów po raz czwarty zawitał do Kwiatonowic. 10 czerwca….

Święto Ogrodów — Garden Festival

The garden festival “Święto Ogrodów” is a cooperative initiative of various persons, institutions and organisation in Lesser Poland. Its founders and main organisers are the Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University, the Contemporary Music Club “Malwa” and the “Art Gardens” association. Its main point is to present natural areas —garden, lawns, parks, many of which are not usually open to visitors — and hosting cultural events in them, connecting nature and culture.

The Kwiatonowice garden has taken part in Święto Ogrodów three times so far (2011, 2013, 2015), and we are getting ready for the fourth time, on Saturday, 10 June 2017. You can see the invitations below. We’re waiting for you!

RTVG Archiwum 2015–06–15

Polish Bibliophile Revelries

Both of us have strong ties to bibliophilia. By this we mean collecting, yes, but more importantly — the social aspect of it. Many of our friends come from this community, and in our “urban period” we were active in bibliophile societies — in Kraków and Łódź. Now we are simply happy that a group of fellow bookworms and friends sometimes visits Kwiatonowice, often travelling all the way across the country, or at least halfway across it.

We host the Polish Bibliophile Revelries each year near the end of summer. We usually have 20–25 people stay for three days, and each time we come up with a programme centred around a theme (i.e. Eastern Orthodox churches, Aleksander Fredro, resort towns), as well as an interesting bibliophilic note (i.e. old Cyrillic prints, the story of Lina Bögli, nobles’ book collections). Anyone who’s had any contact with the bookworm world knows that they’re a fun-loving bunch, so even though the Revelries are only three days long, we make enough memories to last until the next year.

Lesser Poland Days of Cultural Heritage

It was a unique year. We spent a whole year preparing for the Kwiatonowice estate’s inclusion in the 18th Lesser Poland Days of Cultural Heritage! Katarzyna Kobylarczyk, the author of the book which accompanied the Days, visited us as early as July 2015 in order to gather information for her piece on Lina Bögli. And then — we designed the outdoor exhibition, checked every detail of the programme, decided to reissue Lina’s book in Maria Świderska’s original Polish translation, sought sponsors for this joyful and crazy undertaking, invited artists who would set up their stands in the garden, made final consultations with the book’s publisher regarding the promotional evening, got the exhibition ready, prayed for good weather, met with volunteers from the Lesser Poland Institute of Culture, the brain of the whole thing, performed dozens of other necessary tasks.

And finally — sunny morning, 28 May 2016 — day one. Judith Arlt came from Germany, and Bernhard (a relative of Lina, the last one who knew her personally) from Switzerland. Hundreds of visitors in the garden, ten groups shown around the house. And in the evening — promoting Avanti. Listy z podróży naokoło świata, Lina Bögli’s first, best-selling book. Day two was equally beautiful, once again with hundreds of guests, once again with ten groups visiting the inside of the house. Kasper showed the guests around the garden; the dogs, first surprised, then irritated, finally — bored and sleepy, alternated between sunbathing in the garden and returning to the house to cool down.

Everything went wonderfully. Dear Lesser Poland Institute of Culture, it was an honour and a joy to work with such a crew! Paulina, Joanna, Zuza, Kasia — thank you! For everything. Dear volunteers under Ania’s leadership — we couldn’t have done it without you. Ula, Iga and Bogdan, your beautiful artwork truly adorned the garden. Dear Guests, those we know and those we don’t — you gave meaning to our collective effort. Thank you!