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We are two city dwellers who decided to abandon their companies, institutions and jobs and settle down in the country, where we would redefine ourselves. Many dream about it but few actually choose to do it. Was it worth it? Absolutely! It didn’t take us long to find the right house, we started in the summer of 1999. 4 July — our first trip, to western Subcarpathia. Picturesque, romantic, fruitless. Many places, many photos, conservation officer consultations, we’re still where we started. First half of August — daily trips out of Szymbark, this time only within the Gorlice county. And still nothing, despite many wonderful sights. 11 August, the day of a total solar eclipse, the last one of the 20th century, Gorlice. We’re going back to town in two days. What to do? We find an estate agent and leave our calling card. We describe what we’re looking for and we leave. Fast forward to 17 September. A phone call, a trip. And so the road–fate–destiny led us to Kwiatonowice. Instant decision. No more searching. 5 January 2000 — the purchase, 9 February — the move. We get there at midnight. Turns out there’s no light in the estate. We unpack two lorries by torchlight. Pure madness. Nothing will ever be the same again.


The house itself is a reward. It’s a life full of sudden plot twists, surprising friendships, events, discoveries. Sometimes, however, it happens that someone somewhere notices our activities and decides to reward us. So — time to boast!

The Starosta’s Bridges 2004

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People of the Year 2008

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The recipients of the People of the Year 2008 award from Lesser Poland.

Guardian of National Heritage 2015

straznik nagroda



The room where the ceremony took place.


Us, the nominees, with Marshal Borusewicz and Deputy Marshal Pozdziej.


The moment we received the title from Minister Omilanowska.


Receiving the reward from Marshal Borusewicz.


The overwhelmed honourees.


All the honourees together with Marshal Borusewicz and Minister Omilanowska.


The Senate’s main hall, where the banquet took place.